DAVID LEE ROTH: 'I've Never Had Any Delusions About My Voice'

February 21, 2020

In a new interview with StarTribune, David Lee Roth was asked if he is thinking about retiring from the road, like his tourmates KISS, who have already announced "End Of The Road" as their farewell tour.

"At my age, everything is a possible farewell tour," he responded. He also addressed criticism about his live performance, saying: "I've never had any delusions about my voice. It sounds like four miles of flat road with knobby tires. Mom used to say that; in fact, she said it last week. However, some people's definition of perfect vocals might be pristine and pretty like Adam Lambert. My definition of absolutely the best vocal in the last 20 years is [sung off-key like Biz Markie]: 'Girl, you got what I need! And you say he's just a friend…'"

Asked directly about his VAN HALEN bandmate Eddie Van Halen — who has been the subject of a lot of rumors regarding his supposedly worsening health — Roth simply said: "You know what I know."

"Ed, God bless him, may have a fair amount of time ahead of him," Roth said, "but going out on the road is an unforgiving task. It kills people."

VAN HALEN has been inactive since it completed its U.S. tour in October 2015 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California.

Roth's "Rocks Vegas" Las Vegas residency kicked off in early January and is scheduled to play six more dates in March at the House Of Blues. Backing the 65-year-old singer are lead guitarist Al Estrada from the VAN HALEN tribute band ERUPTION, rhythm guitarist Frankie Lindri, bassist Ryan Wheeler, keyboardist Danny Wagner and drummer Mike Mussleman.

This isn't the first time David has set up shop in Sin City. Back in 1995, Roth completed a Las Vegas engagement at Bally's Hotel and Casino and another short run at MGM Grand.

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