February 12, 2020

David Lee Roth, who is opening for KISS on the current leg of the band's farewell tour, spoke to the Lexington Herald-Leader about the legendary rockers calling it quits after a four-and-a-half-decade run.

"KISS has transcended the bias of music the way Cirque Du Soleil or Blue Man Group has," the VAN HALEN singer said. "I, myself, would recommend to them if that, in fact, this is the final tour, perhaps go Blue Man Group. Why couldn't there be six variations of KISS traveling on the continent? … It includes so much more than the music. It begins with the music, but it extends into theater and, I'll say with respect, circus."

He added: "For myself, I'm calling this 'The Last Tour Unless It Isn't'. Once I throw in the shoes, though, I'm thinking of going Lassie. There will be five of me touring and, allegedly, one of them will be a girl. You're going to have to come and see the shows. Several times."

Roth also talked about how his music largely serves as an introduction to a performance that hasn't compromised in the four decades since the arrival of VAN HALEN's debut album.

"David Lee Roth is not a rock band. David Lee Roth is an attitude. David Lee Roth is an answer," he explained. "'What would Dave do?' And that's not always so funny. I've seen young people join the Marines based on that. I know a couple Marines who didn't come back. I know what their parents think. I know people who got married based on that. And I know a few who got divorced based on that. There are a lot of considerations bittersweet. There's a little sea salt in the caramel, and I take it all seriously. It has always been way more transcendent than simply music."

Roth's "Rocks Vegas" Las Vegas residency kicked off in early January and is scheduled to play six more dates in March at the House Of Blues. Backing the 65-year-old singer are lead guitarist Al Estrada from the VAN HALEN tribute band ERUPTION, rhythm guitarist Frankie Lindri, bassist Ryan Wheeler, keyboardist Danny Wagner and drummer Mike Mussleman.

This isn't the first time David has set up shop in Sin City. Back in 1995, Roth completed a Las Vegas engagement at Bally's Hotel and Casino and another short run at MGM Grand.

VAN HALEN has been inactive since it completed its U.S. tour in October 2015 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California.

Roth recently launched Ink The Original, a skin-care line specifically made to preserve, protect, and highlight tattoos and keep them from fading.

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