DEADLY BLESSING: Making Up For Lost Time

May 30, 2004

Away from the daily grind, as a courier for Fed Ex, the former (current?) DEADLY BLESSING vocalist "Ski" could easily be mistaken for any Normal Joe in the crowd, especially now with his bald head and eye glasses. The recent reunion show (minus guitarist Tony Kerr) has revitalized the quiet frontman, who is busy issuing vintage shows on DVD and contemplating future shows (including audio releases) to make up for lost time. "I really wish I could do more," Ski muses, "but the band is broken up and the guys don't really want to do anything." Hence his desire to keep the BLESSING name alive. Unceremoniously booted from the band, most of the other original members continued in music long after Ski called it quits, so they have either moved on to new projects, or forgotten about music all together.

Watching the vocalist who eventually partnered with the DEADLY BLESSING guitar tandem IN OPTIMUS PRIME, the mild mannered Ski is conciliatory, but not bitter. He has found religion, a fact that unnerves some (including his old bandmates, who cut him off, onstage, for fear of any religious ranting),but he's not above having a beer or two and discussing the old days. "We were so naïve. We had an offer, for one song on a Metal Blade compilation, or an album with New Renaissance." Given the era, who could fault the decision, but in hindsight, what might have been! DEADLY BLESSING were an anomaly in the Philly market, too heavy for the puffy-haired contingent that spawned the likes of CINDERELLA and BRITNY FOX, yet melodic enough to worry the full scale, underground thrashers. While the band attempted to regroup after Ski's ouster (for nothing more than a haircut),and he tried his hand at various outfits, most notably ALTERED STATES, nothing comes close to the original, "Ascend From The Cauldron" line-up (which included current DORO bassist, Nick Douglas).

"I've got the original three-song demo which got us signed (different versions),as well as songs that never made the album. We were writing for the second album it all happened, so there's material that people haven't heard." Like almost everyone on New Renaissance, the band recorded an album and that was it: precious little promotion, no touring and never to be heard from again. Well, almost. Ski is now making a 1987 concert available on DVD. It's a low budget affair, a CDR hand number and signed by the singer, but it shows what a vital force the band was. He's shopping the disc to interested parties (namely the nostalgic Germans),in hopes of having a legitimate pressing. There's also the professionally shot, multiple camera angle reunion show, where DEADLY BLESSING performed four originals and a pair of JUDAS PRIEST covers. "We were going to do 'Salem's Lot', but (without Tony Kerr),we couldn't figure out the guitar parts." Whether or when this footage sees the lights of day is unknown, but by itself, it's a little sparse, for anything more than a live EP (which HAS been talked about). If foreign hands get involved, it could be added as bonus footage to the '87 concert or partnered with a second reunion date. "We'd definitely be into doing one of the German festivals, or even Cleveland (at the BW&BK 6-Pack Weekend) next year, but it's down to Nick's schedule with DORO. I'm gonna see if the guys want to do one more show."

Those that are interested in the vintage show on DVD, should contact [email protected]

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