DEATH THREAT Set Record Straight On European Tour Cancellation

November 13, 2002

DEATH THREAT bassist Steve Teo has contacted BLABBERMOUTH.NET to set the record straight on the band's non-participation on the upcoming Eastpack Resistance European tour alongside BIOHAZARD, AGNOSTIC FRONT, HATEBREED, DISCIPLINE, ALL BORO KINGS, and BORN FROM PAIN.

The following is Teo's statement on the matter:

"We were supposed to play the up-and-coming Resistance tour in Europe with HATEBREED, BIOHAZARD,and AGNOSTIC FRONT [that is due to start] on November 15 and [run] till December 1st. I Scream Records had over 2 months to get us tickets for the trip over there. We called them for the past month and sent emails to find out if they had gotten us tickets or not. Only a week ago they got in contact with us and said that the tickets were to much to send us over there because they would cost 2,000 dollars a person. We emailed them back the other day because we had found flights for 600 dollars a person and said that we'd miss the first couple of days of tour but it would be better to miss few rather then miss the whole tour. They then emailed us back saying that they were kicking us off of the tour! So we got screwed out of a major tour in Europe, and people over there are being told that we cancelled. It pisses me off, because its going to make us look really horrible to everyone over there. That's why I am emailing you guys to bring this to the attention of everyone."

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