DEATHWHITE: 'For A Black Tomorrow' Full-Album Stream

February 24, 2018

"For A Black Tomorrow", the first full-length from enigmatic dark metal outfit DEATHWHITE, can be streamed below. The album was released on Friday, February 23, via Season Of Mist.

"For A Black Tomorrow" was produced an engineered by Shane Mayer of Cerebral Audio Productions.

The album can be ordered at the Season Of Mist e-shop.

"For A Black Tomorrow" track listing:

01. The Grace Of The Dark
02. Contrition
03. Poisoned
04. Just Remember
05. Eden
06. Dreaming The Inverse
07. Death And The Master
08. Prison Of Thought
09. For A Black Tomorrow

Formed in 2012, DEATHWHITE was created, in part, to follow in the path created by dark metal torchbearers such as KATATONIA, MY DYING BRIDE, PARADISE LOST and ANATHEMA. The band's earliest work gave rise to their impactful blend of heavy, melodic and deeply emotional metal.

DEATHWHITE's profile grew significantly with the 2015 release of their "Solitary Martyr" EP, which was hailed by critics as "spun gold, thick with emotion" and "wonderfully engrossing."

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