August 2, 2020

LUCY BURNS is a fresh project from Rafał "Rasta" Piotrowski, frontman of the polish death metal band DECAPITATED, and his friend Mr. G, an electronic music maker. The band will release its first music video and single, "Ocooltica", on August 7.

The beginning of LUCY BURNS goes back to 2019. The idea was to create something totally different from what both members of the band used to do in past projects. Their aim was to experiment with music genres as much its possible.

"Ocooltica" is a mixture of dirty electronic sounds, hip-hop, tribal rhythms and melodic rock attitude. It tells the story about powerful hex of music, music that has the ability to pierce through hearts, possess minds, and take the listener on a freaky trip through the oneiric world of LUCY BURNS.

The tale of LUCY BURNS will gradually continue to develop on the next single releases, which will ultimately lead to a full-length album.

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