200 000 DECIBEL Benefit Show: Official Web Site Launched, More Details Revealed

July 26, 2004

The organizers behind the upcoming benefit show, 200 000 Decibel, in Gothenburg, Sweden have announced that the Swedish music travel agent Festivalbussen.com is now offering free bus rides to people wishing to attend the festival. It has also been announced that the performances by the artists who will be appearing at the event — IN FLAMES, THE HAUNTED, HYPOCRISY, LOST HORIZON and NIFELHEIM — will be unique and songs not regularly played live will be performed at the benefit show.

An official web site has just been launched with regular news updates.

As previously reported, the objective of the 200 000 Decibel festival is to raise 200 000 SEK (approximately $27,000) in order to help the founder of the Swedish festival 2000 Decibel.

For the past five years, Lennart Larsson has organized 2000 Decibel, a festival devoted solely to Swedish hard rock and metal. This year's edition was held on May 21-22 and featured a strong line-up, including THE HAUNTED, HYPOCRISY, NOTRE DAME, CANS, DARK TRANQUILLITY, VINTERSORG and PAIN OF SALVATION. Due to stiff competition and extremely bad weather, fewer people than expected turned up and Lennart Larsson lost 200 000 SEK on the event.

The initiative for 200 000 Decibel came from Swedish rock journalist Martin Carlsson. In a column in the newspaper GT, he urged established metal bands to unite for a benefit show, 200 000 Decibel.

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