DECIBEL's 'Top 100 Black Metal Albums Of All Time' Special Issue Now Available

October 28, 2013

Back in the fall of 2010, Decibel magazine introduced an early double dose of Halloween and winter, courtesy of the "Black Metal Hall Of Fame" special issue. Three years later, they are taking their corpsepaint craving to the next demented level and unveiling the "Top 100 Black Metal Albums Of All Time" special collector's edition issue.

Decibel corralled its staff to determine "the most kult, ripping and influential" black metal records to have scorched the earth since VENOM coined the term just over 30 years ago. One-man basement evildoers and modern avant-garde purveyors of the form, stand proud alongside Scandinavian legends MAYHEM, MARDUK, BEHERIT, SATYRICON and DARKTHRONE (all of whom were specifically interviewed for this issue). And then there's the inverted cross on top: a brand new, Hall Of Fame on ENSLAVED's progressive black metal classic "Below The Lights".

Decibel's latest special collector's edition issue is available exclusively through Music Monitor Network retail stores and in the magazine's webstore right now.


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