DECOMPOSTER: Entire Demo Posted Online

January 23, 2010

DECOMPOSTER, the new death metal project featuring FINNTROLL frontman Mathias Lillmåns, has posted its entire first demo, "Futile", on the band's MySpace page. Available for streaming are the songs "The Composter", "Final Outpost" and "Futile".

Commented the group: "We've going back and forth with the mixes and it seems the more is done, the less is achieved. And still the best result for us is the original, untouched version. You can almost hear the room where the gtr amp was, or picture the small room where the drums were tracked. Raw, natural and in your stinking face. So here's the whole demo, raw, uncut... director's edition. Still not 100% if this is final. Time will tell while flesh will rot."


Mathias Lillmåns (FINNTROLL) - Vocals/Bass
Samuli Ponsimaa - Guitar
Mika Aaltonen - Guitar
Rainer Tuomikanto - Drums

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