DEE SNIDER Blasts People Who Refuse To Wear Masks In Public: 'They Are All F**king Assholes'

July 23, 2020

Dee Snider has blasted people who are defiantly skeptical of mask wearing, saying they "are all fucking assholes" who should "get covid and die."

The TWISTED SISTER frontman made the comment in response to a Twitter follower who pointed out that a photo of Dee wearing a mask elicited a negative reaction from social media users who insisted that they will not don a face covering publicly. Dee wrote: "They are all fucking assholes. If there is a God they will get covid and die. No, I'm not kidding. #thintheherd"

After another Twitter user wrote that she didn't wish death on anybody because she believes in karma, Snider wrote: "Fair enough. From my standpoint, if people can't be inconvenienced or care enough to even protect others from the virus (I've heard the cries of 'thin the herd') they should be the first to go. It's only right. #justsayin"

Wearing face masks and coverings is recommended, or in some places mandatory, in public spaces to help stop the spread of COVID-19. But anti-maskers think government orders requiring face coverings in public spaces or those put in place by private businesses violate their constitutional rights.

Studies have shown that masks limit the spread of the coronavirus by blocking respiratory droplets that can travel through the air when someone coughs, sneezes or even just speaks. There is also strong evidence to suggest that masks help protect others from catching the virus from the person wearing the mask.

Lawmakers have been pushing harder for their constituents to wear face masks to limit the spread of coronavirus. Months after his own advisers recommended it, President Donald Trump finally wore a mask in public less than two weeks ago during a visit to wounded service members at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

More than 15.3 million coronavirus cases have been reported worldwide and more than 625,000 deaths so far, putting public health systems and emergency services under immense pressure.

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