DEEP PURPLE: Spreading Bananas Around The Globe

December 19, 2003

DEEP PURPLE bassist Roger Glover has posted the following message on his official web site:

"On the road again, again, again.

"The Bananas tour unpeeled its way across Europe through November and December, with much success. The start, in Barcelona, seems distant now. We covered a lot of ground and spent many an hour on the tour bus. People, quite naturally, wonder what we do on it. Well, there are bunks, a small kitchen, TV and video, a back lounge and a front lounge, which is set up like a train carriage, with tables. Music is hardly ever played publicly a strange thing amongst musicians but we genuinely respect each other's peace. Silence is golden.

"Michael, our driver, was very, very good and reduced wow and flutter to a minimum, (thank you Michael) so plenty of reading, writing, sleeping, guitar practice and computer work could go on during the day depending on the road surfaces, which vary alarmingly across Europe. The best times on the bus are when we are doing an over-nighter after a great gig we all sit around, the roar of the audience still in our ears, and reminisce about little things that happened on the stage that night, most of which would usually get forgotten. Compliments get thrown around and there is a lot of laughter. It's great being in a band that's happy.

"Crowds were phenomenal, giving us a welcome worth all the hard days of travel. Sometimes there is no chance to eat a decent meal you arrive in a place too late, or the restaurant isn't open, or you're just not hungry. I am not dissimilar to other members of the band in that I can't have a meal before going on stage or even an hour before – it has to be no later than 6.00pm if we are due on stage at 9.00 or 9.30pm. On these occasions a dressing room snack is all there is until after the show when usually pizza arrives, about which Steve routinely complains, and sometimes he's even right!

"Our crew have to endure a lot more than we do and it's easy to take for granted that everything is ready and primed for the show when we roll up at the gig each evening. They have been there all day and have had to endure huge swathes of boredom in between all the hard work and setting up. And they never complain, at least not to us. They are the real kings of the road and without them there would be no show. They don't always get the credit they deserve and I would like to thank Charlie Lewis and all of them for a fantastic job. My tech, Michael Gerber, was superb and I thank him for all his dedication. He didn't get his name in the tour programme so I mention it here, thanks Mike.

"There would also be no show if it weren't for you, the audience. I am always moved by the fact that so many people have traveled to come and see us, some over vast distances. Everyone has their story of the gig and that's one of the magic things about going to see a live concert we all remember it in different ways. It was great to meet some of you after the shows, you are a lovely bunch.

"Next we do the US and travel will be by plane, for the most part. After that, the year will be a busy one but we are all looking forward to spreading bananas around the globe.

"In the meantime, I wish you healthy, happy holidays but most of all I wish you peace.

"Thank you and good luck,

"RG – December 2003"

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