DEF LEPPARD Covers CD Track Listing Conspiracy: How One Webmaster Got Screwed

March 18, 2004 webmaster Andrew McNeice has posted a statement explaining the circumstances that led him to publish a list of songs that was alleged to be the track listing for DEF LEPPARD's upcoming CD of classic British rock covers — a list that has since been exposed as a hoax.

Says Andrew: "Sadly, the DEF LEPPARD track listing ran [on] late last week seems to be false. I aplologise for the misleading information.

"I've been waiting to further verify the information — which now seems to indeed be false - but this is not your average dupe. Nothing is printed without a reason and this case was no different. Was I set up by someone close to the band? Let me explain...

"First up — although not confirmed officially as yet — the upcoming DEF LEPPARD album is a covers album featuring songs of the 70's — all British artists I'm told.

"I first exposed information of the new album on March 2. I announced that it was to be a covers CD and that news was shot down soon after by the webmaster.

"But it is a fact.

"On March 11th, I got an e-mail from an 'insider' with a tip on where I can find the track listing for the album. A URL was provided:
Yes, that's right — I got the track listing from the Official DEF LEPPARD website. The info I printed was copied from a text document residing on the server.

"Now, how and why was this file there in the first place?

"The e-mail I received said the following: 'All this will be officially announced on DEF LEPPARD's web site within the next few weeks. Further proof can be given because this tracklisting does reside on the official Def server ( although I am sure it will be removed once the word gets out.'

"And yep, sure enough — the file is now gone. I am not sure why I did not get a screen shot of it as further proof, but all I can do is detail these events for you now and let you be the judge of why this was done and by whom.

"Regardless of who did it, it seems an unfair payback for my major support of the band's last album 'X', which I still rate extremely highly and did my best to promote at every opportunity. Thanks a lot guys."

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