DEF LEPPARD Drummer RICK ALLEN's Art Showcased At Wentworth Gallery; Preview Available

August 14, 2014

DEF LEPPARD drummer Rick Allen is now showcasing his art at Wentworth Gallery locations across the country. A preview of the exhibit, which is described as "a sophisticated fusion of deconstructive art containing photography, acrylic and silkscreen on canvas," is available below.

Allen is passionate about his new project, making art out of his music. Images are created from the computerized tracking of his drum strokes. LED lights are attached to the tips of the drum stick tips, while a camera takes long exposures of the trailing lights created by Allen's strokes. What results are stunning abstract works that capture the intensity of Allen's stokes combined with the rhythm of the music. His "Electric Hand" series is a collection of works that was influenced by a visit with a Mexican shaman years ago who told him of the "blue hand" in Mayan symbolism. It represents the ebb and flow of life, and has become a symbol for the fact that he only has "one hand to work with."

Allen, now 50, has been living in California for the past 23 years. He resides with his singer-songwriter wife, Lauren Monroe, along with their three-year-old daughter. Together they live a life comprised of art, music and philanthropy, having founded the Raven Foundation, an organization whose mission is to serve, educate, and empower veterans and people in crisis.

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