DEVILDRIVER Frontman: 'We're Bringing In Some Unadulterated Metal'

April 6, 2006

George Dionne of Rock Is Life recently conducted an interview with DEVILDRIVER frontman Dez Fafara (ex-COAL CHAMBER). An excerpt from the chat follows:

Rock Is Life: Why do you think other nu-metal bands just faded away?

Dez: "It took them almost ten years to put a label on what COAL CHAMBER did, because we were just so eclectic. People tried to put us as goth and all sorts of things. I'd rather think that the nu-metal term fits bands like PAPA ROACH and the like. There were some really eclectic bands musically, and progressive bands musically back then, that the term nu-metal became a bad word. I don't understand. Why did some bands not make? I don't know."

Rock Is Life: What do you think made you evolve with the times? Was it something you always wanted to do or did you take steps to evolve into what heavy music has become today?

Dez: 'What it was becoming?"

Rock Is Life: What I mean is, you had roots in the past, but you took a path that has become more acceptable within the music buying public today?

Dez: "What I do is barely acceptable and viable. I think that's what all metal is about. I don't see it as a thing that everyone is picking up on. I could have probably left and picked up on this emo thing that everyone is up on. There is a lot of metal out there now that's real popular, and I can see why; it's easy to be played on the radio and it doesn't offend. I didn't want to take a step in that direction. I had done that. I had done the radio thing. I just said to myself, if I'm going to do anything, I'm going to do something that's going to make me happy. I think DEVILDRIVER is a natural evolution. However, I don't think it's an easy path to take, and it surely wasn't the most trodden path. As far as metal being acceptable, I don't know."

Rock Is Life: I guess I said that because I have always been a metal fan.

Dez: "Metal has really never gone away. I know twelve year old kids that listen to VENOM the same way that I did. It takes different faces and different shapes. Hopefully the artist tries to do something that's eclectic and different. I really think that's what DEVILDRIVER is right now in the world of radio friendly metal bands. We're absolutely bringing in some unadulterated metal. If you catch us live, we're just a killer rock band. I'm always going to take that path. I'm going to go forward and cut my own path."

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