DIMEBAG Murder: Dramatic Video Footage From Inside Club Posted Online

December 19, 2004

Columbus, Ohio's WBNS-10TV has obtained a video tape that's a key piece of evidence in the shooting incident at the Alrosa Villa nightclub that claimed the lives of DAMAGEPLAN/ex-PANTERA guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott and four others.

Jerry Wessler and Karen Kellogg attend concerts all the time. But the images of that night are burned deeply in their minds. Another reason they'll never forget is because of a piece of video tape they showed to 10-TV — one that they also showed police. Watch the dramatic video footage at this location.

While Jerry Wessler rushed to the stage to save lives at the Alrosa Villa during a DAMAGEPLAN concert, others fled from the building, but his girlfriend Karen Kellogg was recording with her digital camera.

"I really can't answer why I turned it on, video mode on my digital camera, um I was just instinct maybe, I don't know."

Meanwhile Wessler dodged bullets, but one got his shoe.

"Apparently it just grazed me, because it's got the heat marks and everything through there, so it just barely grazed me."

Wessler's concerned about security that night. It's why he's sharing the video. Kellogg says the few moments without being able to locate her boyfriend felt like an eternity but she says what he did was heroic.

"He tried to save lives and you know almost got killed in the process its just a hard thing to through, and I have to see it right in front of your face, something you'll never forget."

Something that's burned in their memories that their hearts will feel forever.

"It is an excruciating pain. It's like someone just carved out a piece of my heart and took it."

For Wessler and Kellogg, attending concerts is their life, now they don't know when they'll be able to go to another one and feel safe again.

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