DIMMU BORGIR Guitarist: 'I Don't Know If I Would Classify Myself As A Satanist'

April 3, 2008

Johnson Cummins of the Montreal Mirror recently conducted an interview with DIMMU BORGIR guitarist Silenoz.

On whether he considers himself a Satanist:

"I don't know if I would classify myself as a Satanist. I wouldn't really label myself with any of those '-ist' words, because I am my own person. I do believe in personal responsibility and, in my opinion, Islam and Christianity don't teach that because they have this reference book that says you can do anything you want, because then all you have to do is go and get forgiven. Just look at all of the wars going on in the world. People think it's politically motivated, but it always comes back to religion causing all of the conflict in the world. I suppose if I were anything, you could call me an atheist."

On the band's success:

"I think the proudest thing for me in the band is that we have never tried to make the sound different, or ever tried a tested formula to be more successful. If anything, the more we're successful, the more brutal and less commercial we've become. Our last record is by far our most brutal moment, and at the same time, our most successful yet."

On the fans' rabid dedication to the band:

"We get all kinds of people to our shows, from the age of seven to 70, and that really feels good, that we can reach all of these people with different backgrounds. We get some pretty crazy fans too. Last tour, instead of getting an autograph, a guy wanted me to fuck his girlfriend while he filmed it. I just politely said no. Some of our fans are a bit over the top, but it never really gets scary. Then again, it would really take a lot to scare any of the people in this band."

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