Disturbance At 'Big Four' Screening In Illinois Was 'Nothing Major', Says Theater Manager

June 25, 2010

More information has surfaced regarding the disturbance at a Batavia, Illinois theater on Tuesday (June 22) during a broadcast of the "Big Four" concert from Sofia, Bulgaria featuring METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX.

According to the Daily Herald, theater management called police about 11:21 p.m. The broadcast had started about 7:30 p.m.

Patrons had broken at least one seat, broke armrests on others, and put a small hole in the screen, according to Batavia police. Theater managers told officers the people were drinking alcohol and illicitly videotaping the broadcast. Officers reported seeing "a large amount" of alcohol beverage containers, according to Deputy Chief Greg Thrun.

Police stopped the broadcast and told everyone to leave. Once the showgoers were outside the building, they were given refunds.

No one was arrested. The theater is still able to show movies on the big screen, according to manager Melissa Recar. "It was a small disturbance ... things happen," she said. "Nothing major."

The simulcast was shown at theaters nationwide and was rebroadcast on Thursday (June 24).

The "Big Four" package has been making its way across Europe since June 16, but so far no U.S. dates have been announced. The shows represent the first time the four bands have all shared the same stage.

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