DISTURBED Guitarist DAN DONEGAN Reminds Fans Of Sacrifices Touring Musicians Make

November 4, 2013

On November 2, DISTURBED and FIGHT OF FLIGHT guitarist Dan Donegan posted the following message on his Facebook page:

"Something a lot of people don't realize about musicians/crew is most of us are fathers/husbands and it never gets easy to leave our families behind! Not easy seeing my kids off to school yesterday and seeing them cry 'cause I have to tour.

"It is a great life to travel and play music, but it can also be very lonely.

"I'm NOT in any way complaining about the life I have 'cause I'm very fortunate and blessed. [I am] just saying most of you who may enjoy a break from your kids, you get to return home from work and tuck them in bed every night. We drive further away to the next state.

"Our wives have got to be the strongest people I know to have to handle all duties with the kids, school, home, bills and also being lonely.

"Yes, it can be glamorous but there's a price to pay! I've missed weddings, funerals, birthdays (including my son's first b-day),kids' school events, etc.

"There's lots of great bands busting their asses that are happy just to make enough money to have gas to get to the next city. They put blood, sweat and tears into giving you their music or a show to help you feel good too!

"Do me a favor and it doesn't need to be my band (FIGHT OR FLIGHT, DISTURBED),but if you hear about a new band, go buy their CD, knowing that all the sacrifices I've mentioned, that they are going through similar things and missing their families too!

"We in DISTURBED appreciate you the fans who have given us a career and have become our extended family and you know what, when we are away from you, we miss you too!

"So that being said, we have every intention of returning some day as DISTURBED and seeing all your faces again.

"All bands do what they can to find balance for our love of music and family.

"Songs help people heal, so find a new band, buy a CD/download it and help spread the word. Keep rock/metal alive."

After a few people commented on Donegan's initial message by saying that a musicians' hardships paled in comparison to the ultimate sacrifices made by the American soldiers, Donegan responded with the following post:

"Let me be clear about my previous post! Most of you get it and, unfortunately, there's always a few missing the point!

"This is not a sob story! This is not comparing who makes a bigger sacrifice.

"Obviously, anyone who knows us knows our support to the troops and how hard it is for them and what they do. I also know truck drivers have it hard being away from family. The list can go on with many occupations. The point is that even though you may view us as rich rock stars living the dream that there is a human side to us that is our kids, family and friends. We post important things about our personal lives and share with you 'cause you are important to us.

"A lot of you enjoy that we take the time to talk to you as friends. It's not always gonna be about music. I'm sharing a human feeling of how hard it can be to leave our families to go tour. That's not complaining about what we do, it's just showing that our lives, as glamorous as it can be at times, will always need some balance between work and family.
I am also trying to make the point that bands go out and work hard and most with not much to show for it but their love for music is what keeps them going.

"We all need music because we all find songs that have been therapeutic.

"I was trying to shed light on the human element of us all that when all musicians walk out the door to bring you music, a lot of us leave our crying kids and wives that have to be without their father for some time.

"Yes, it's our choice and music helps keep us sane.

"I could not live or function without family or music.

"This is not a pity party. It's just reminding you that we all are alike and all of us make sacrifices in life.

"I'm asking you to find some new bands and remember that they are giving you everything they got trying to make enough to go to the next stop. They, too, make those same sacrifices, so go out and buy another band's CD, go to a small venue and discover someone new.

"Share your comments about some new bands you discovered early and spread the word and keep metal and rock alive!"

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