DISTURBED To Announce New Bassist 'Very Very Soon'

January 23, 2004

DISTURBED plan to audition new bass players in the next couple of months, following the departure in late 2003 of bassist Fuzz, and will begin recording their next album later this year.

Pressed for details about Fuzz' departure from the group, DISTURBED lead singer told Launch Radio Networks, "I don't really want to get too much into it, I'm not in the habit of slinging shit, and certainly not about, you know, a former member of our band. We don't wish him any ill will. We only hope that, you know, he's successful in whatever he does. We're just interested in going our separate ways." The singer cited "personality differences" as a reason for Fuzz's departure.

Draiman also updated Launch on the band's search for a replacement bass player. "We're gonna probably narrow it down sometime within the next month or so," he said. "There are probably around five or six guys that we're looking at closely, and we'll end up doing some jam sessions, some auditions with them, and make a decision probably very, very soon."

DISTURBED are tentatively slated to play the fifth annual Rolling Rock Town Fair, scheduled for this July in Pennsylvania.

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