March 18, 2002

DOKKEN mainman Don Dokken, former BATON ROUGE/JOHN NORUM singer Kelly Keeling and veteran producer Michael Wagener (i.e. SKID ROW, HAMMERFALL, ACCEPT) are ensconced at a Tennessee studio mixing DOKKEN's forthcoming CD, entitled Long Way Home, for a late spring/early summer release through CMC International Records. Among the tracks that are tentatively scheduled to appear on the album are the following:

01. Sunless Days
02. Magic Road
03. Little Girl
04. Heart Full of Soul (YARDBIRDS cover)
05. Goodbye My Friend
07. You
08. Everyone Needs to Be With Someone
09. I've Found

According to Keeling, the song "I've Found" may be my favorite song that I have written with Don. [The final] mix of it just floored me. The cellos are brilliant. I was allowed to play a classical guitar melody during the intro and mid section, along with some others I had not done so well previously that we were stuck with which kind of glued and married all the parts together. An honor since I am not really part of the band. There are no drums and we also added a proper piano part. It was a great vocal performance from Don. I don't think he has sung that well on a recording ever and it's an indication of what is to come from him in the future, brilliance. You will soon hear what I mean from this song. The song 'You' is also a monster, Michael Wagener's favorite track. It's just amazing and heavy. He is the best mixer I have worked with next to Pat Regan & Phil Kaffel.

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