DON DOKKEN Completes Work On New Solo Album

October 5, 2006

DOKKEN mainman Don Dokken has issued the following update:

"Hi, everyone. It's me, that singer guy who seemed to drop off the planet for the last six months, I figured it's about time to write and let everyone know what's up in DOKKEN land which isn't easy when you type with one finger.

"As you might know Mick [Brown, drums] and Barry [Sparks, bass] just finished a grueling tour with everyone's favorite hunter 'Uncle' Ted Nugent. I saw them at the House Of Blues [in West Hollywood] and they rocked. It was interesting to watch my bros play from the audience.

"I have to say that Ted is one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet. I first met him 20 years ago at Cal Jam. A lot of people in this business change as time goes on — some for the better some not. He's still the same straight-ahead tell-it-as-he-sees-it, endless-amount-of-energy guy I first met.

"After the show, I thought I'd give them some space to chill but Mick and Barry dragged Jon [Levin, DOKKEN guitarist] and I into the dressing room right away for a hug since we hadn't seen each other in months. They had just played a two-hour show and had about five minutes to cool off before the dressing room filled up with friends and the usual amount of celebs, which always seems to be the case in Hollyweird. Ted took the time to say hi to everyone before he even had a chance to chill out. He really is a gracious guy.

"After Jon and I watched the show, it made me miss playing with the guys even more.

"I had decided for us not to tour this summer since I had four CDs to finish — yes, four. First, my way overdue solo CD which I'm happy to say is finally done. You'll be able to hear samples of the songs at, and DOKKEN MySpace in a few days. I've just finished mixing DOKKEN 'Live '81', which was recorded before 'Breaking the Chains' came out in the U.S. There are three unreleased tracks on it that are pretty cool. I'm playing guitar and doing some solo harmonies with George [Lynch]. Now that's a trip!

"Jon and I have been working on a new studio album called 'Lightning Strikes Again' and to top it all off we recorded a new 'Greatest Hits' with Mick and Barry when they had time off from Ted, which wasn't much, so it took some time.

"As if all this didn't keep me busy enough, I bought an old house in the Santa Monica Mountains, which kept my hammer busy all summer. I've always wanted a place where you can walk out your door and pick apples, peaches or plums for breakfast. So now I have Gene Simmons for a neighbor. The only difference between his house and mine is that his garage is bigger than my entire house [lol].

"As some of you might know, we did a few shows in Virginia a few weeks ago. It was great to be on stage with my partners in crime again. Now the boys are home were finishing up our music and going on tour starting Dec. 1 until a few days before Christmas. After that, we're planning on doing a U.S. tour and Europe starting around May — we just don't know where we'll start first, but as soon as I know, you will.

"So there it is, I do read your posts and if I ever learn how to type I'll try and write back more often. The good news is there's going to be a lot of new DOKKEN music out there soon and I hope you all enjoy it. We should have our December dates posted in about a week. I hope to see you at the shows."

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