DOPE Frontman Joins MAKESHIFT ROMEO As The Group's New Drummer

December 1, 2005

DOPE frontman Edsel Dope has joined the Florida-based band MAKESHIFT ROMEO as the group's new drummer. In a posting on MAKESHIFT ROMEO's official blog, Edsel writes, "First off, everything is going great in the world of DOPE!!! We just returned from an amazing tour in Japan and we are currently on tour in the states doing a bunch of Jagermeister shows with DISTURBED. We have been having a fucking blast out here. The DISTURBED guys are treating us great and the fans have been unbelievable. These shows are fucking ridiculous and are sold out every night!!!

"Congrats to DISTURBED for all of the success that they are having on the tour and the new album. Thanks to all of the fans who have been in the pit every night getting it on with us. We are looking forward to ending this DOPE year very strong!!!!

"On to MAKESHIFT ROMEO. Yes, the story is true. I have officially joined MAKESHIFT ROMEO as the new drummer.

"Earlier this year, I started producing the bands album and contributed to the writing and development of the MAKESHIFT ROMEO sound. I have been involved with Tripp [vocals] and Derek [bass] since they first began exploring the idea of starting a new band to follow the success that they had with TWISTED METHOD. Since the beginning, I have always felt like I was a part of this band (almost like the silent fifth member). I didn't expect that I would ever actually be in the band, but when the opportunity to play drums presented itself recently, it was a no-brainer for us all.

"These three guys are my bros. We have toured together for months on end and the guys lived in my house with me through the recording of all of the new MAKESHIFT ROMEO stuff. Derek and Jonny are great guys and I love Tripp like he's my little brother. Anyone who has seen Tripp perform knows that he is an amazing frontman and his voice is unbelievable. I am very proud to call him my lead singer. This band is going to be a lot of fun for me!!!

"If you know my past at all, you'll know that drums are my first love, I always expected to make my mark as a drummer and until I created DOPE and focused my attention on fronting a band, drums were the only thing that I had ever played on stage. Since then, I have played some of the drums on a couple of the DOPE records and have been able to practice a little bit here and there. Playing drums in a rock band is in my blood and it is something that I've wanted to do my entire life. I am super excited to commit to doing this for real for the first time in many years.

"Since giving the guys the word that I'm in, I have been practicing my ass off..
My arms are tired as shit, but I am ready to rock!!

"I thank Tripp, Jonny, and Derek for believing in me to help them initially find the MAKESHIFT ROMEO sound by hiring me to produce the MAKESHIFT ROMEO album. And now I thank them again for inviting me to become a bigger piece of the MAKESHIFT ROMEO puzzle as the drummer. I won't let you guys down.

"To all the DOPE fans around the world, don't worry. DOPE is on an upswing right now and we will continue to do what we have always done. I love you guys and appreciate how loyal you have been to me and my cause through so many years. I am easily able to handle the responsibilities of both bands and am very excited to do so. I promise to bring my bad-ass DOPE edge with me as I sit behind the drums with MAKESHIFT ROMEO.

"Thanks to my DOPE bandmates and great friends for supporting me in my quest to expand my career and to do something that I have always wanted to do.

"Oh and about the hair, Let it go people, I've looked in the mirror at the same dreads for almost 10 years now. It was time for a change."

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