DORO PESCH Says Her Upcoming Autobiography Will Be 'A Roller-Coaster Ride'

August 20, 2018

German metal queen Doro Pesch has revealed to Ireland's Overdrive that she has commenced work on her autobiography. "I actually started writing a book a couple of years ago, and then I thought it's gonna have to be two books — one that is normal, and the other about how it really was because some of the things that happened over the years would not be too far off from a horror story," she said. "I was actually having problems sleeping at night because of the memories that had been dug up with the research. It was all a bit too much for me at that point in my life. Some of the memories were just too hardcore and intense for me, and I just made the decision to stop and put all my energy into making a new record, which was the most positive thing for me to do. I just wanted to get on with writing new music, booking festivals and prepare a huge headline tour for next year."

She continued: "The past was not really all so easy for me. It's kind of like thinking about your ex-lover in a way. [Laughs] There was a reason why things were not working out in the past, and when I was trying to do the book and had to think about all of that stuff, it was, like, 'Oh no, not now!'

Although Doro is not currently working on her book, she is confident the tome will eventually see the light of day. "I'm not gonna turn my back on the idea," she said. "It's just that I need a little more time to get to terms with everything. I can tell you this, the story is one that will need the reader to buckle up as it's a roller-coaster ride for sure. [Laughs]"

Doro's new album, "Forever Warriors, Forever United", was released on August 17 via Nuclear Blast.

"Forever United" takes a more sentimental turn, with lyrical topics covering friendship, love and companionship. Highlights include Doro's tribute to the late and great Lemmy.

With "Forever Warriors, Forever United", Doro presents two new records, featuring 19 regular tracks and six bonus songs.

The album cover artwork was once again created by Doro's favorite artist, Geoffrey Gillespie. It portrays Doro in the middle of a swarm of wild metal heads exuding attitude, power and positive vibes.

Last year, Pesch celebrated the 30th anniversary of WARLOCK's "Triumph And Agony" album by performing the LP in its entirety at select shows around the globe.

Photo credit: Jochen Rolfes

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