DORO's Next Studio Album To Feature Guest Appearances By AMON AMARTH, SABATON, KREATOR Members

August 28, 2017

Doro Pesch's forthcoming album will contain a special "anthem" featuring guest appearances by a number of prominent metal musicians, including members of AMON AMARTH, KREATOR and SABATON.

The long-awaited follow-up to 2012's "Raise Your Fist" will arrive in August 2018 and will be the German singer's first release since last year's "Love's Gone To Hell" single.

"We will play the Wacken [Open Air] festival [next year], which is the biggest European festival — it's awesome — and then the same day the new record will come out," Pesch told the "SixX Strings" radio show (hear audio below).

According to Doro, the upcoming disc will contain "great anthems, fast songs, some ballads. It's in the vein of 'Triumph And Agony' album [from Doro's previous band WARLOCK]," she said.

Asked if her next record will feature appearances by any well-known musicians, Doro said: "We will have some great guests. At the moment, I think the Scandinavian metal scene is so awesome, so we will definitely have one anthem where everybody is singing, from Johan [Hegg] from AMON AMARTH and Mille [Petrozza] of KREATOR and probably the singer of SABATON [Joakim Brodén]. It's a great anthem — I think it could even top [WARLOCK's classic song] 'All We Are' — and everybody's singing on it. And this could be really, really good. It's hooky like hell. And we have some other guests — great people. I can't tell you too much, because when it doesn't work out, then everybody would be so disappointed. But it's all in the making right now, and, yeah, I promise a killer album. Many great guitar players as well."

Pesch is currently celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the aforementioned "Triumph And Agony" album by performing the LP in its entirety at select shows around the globe. "We did already two shows — one in Sweden Rock, a big festival in Sweden, really nice, and Norway Rock, and it was killer," she told "SixX Strings". And especially playing the 'Triumph And Agony' album, I think it sounds really good. We definitely wanna do a live record eventually."

Doro is joined on the "Triumph And Agony" thirtieth-anniversary tour by former WARLOCK guitarist Tommy Bolan alongside bassist Nick Douglas, drummer Johnny Dee, guitarist Bas Maas and guitarist/keyboardist Luca Princiotta.

"[Tommy] played all the solos, all the good stuff, on the 'Triumph And Agony' album, and we are working together again and it's so nice," she said. "He's such a powerhouse, and he plays unbelievable. And now we have three guitar players in our band, which is actually… It sounds huge. And it works well — all the guys get along great; no egos. But Tommy will play all the solos of the 'Triumph And Agony' album, and we do a couple of more WARLOCK songs."

"Raise Your Fist" boasted guest appearances by MOTÖRHEAD's Lemmy Kilmister and OZZY OSBOURNE/FIREWIND guitarist Gus G., and artwork by British artist and longtime Doro collaborator Geoffrey Gillespie.

In addition to three versions of the title track, the six-track "Love's Gone To Hell" maxi single also contained two live tracks: "Rock Till Death", featuring Hansi Kürsch (BLIND GUARDIAN) and "Save My Soul".

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