DROWNING POOL Death Photo A Hoax: Former Tour Manager

September 19, 2002

A former tour manager for DROWNING POOL has dismissed as a hoax a recently-circulated photo purported to have been taken of late DP frontman Dave Williams' lifeless corpse in a body bag shortly after he was found dead on the band's tour bus on August 14th.

Writing on DROWING POOL's official message board under the alias "Shawdog", the tour manager also denied reports that the singer had choked on his own vomit and insisted that there was no way to immediately tell the cause of Williams' death, stating that Dave "looked like he was sleeping" when he and a guitar tech found him aboard the group's bus in Manassas, Virginia.

The following is the tour manager's posting in its entirety as it appears on DROWNING POOL's message board:

"Hello all, I was the tour manager for DROWNING POOL for around 10 months until Dave's passing. I felt the need to set the record straight on many questions and rumors. The 'truth' of Dave's passing is still yet to be determined by toxicology report. The 'truth' is the night before he passed we left at 10:00 p.m. from Indianapolis, IN as we had a day off in Manasas, VA as we had to do a make-up show for Ozzfest. The band & crew were not up drinking like frat boys, taking drugs etc. We were watching DVDs and I even shut Dave's bunk T.V. off at 5:00 [a.m.] to the sound of his snores. The 'truth'… It's no secret Dave loved to drink and enjoy life, but this was not the night of hardcore parties. The 'truth': Dave was not a pot head-did not to heroin etc. The 'truth' is Dave was discovered by my guitar tech and myself in the early afternoon of the 14th in his bunk. Dave did not choke on his vomit or anything crazy like that. He looked like he was sleeping and that's it. The picture of Dave in a body bag on the web is complete crap. I allowed no press within 200 yards of the bus and did not give any statement to the press and still have not. I do not know how Dave died and I was there. What can I say — people sometimes do pass. I have had the pleasure of working with a great band and crew. I also have had the pleasure of seeing and meeting some amazing DROWNING POOL fans. I hope this helps in any way possible. I just don't want to see any more crazy photos or stories. Peace!! Shawdog"

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