DRUDKH: Limited 'Microcosmos' Box Set Details Revealed

May 13, 2009

Ukrainian folk metallers DRUDKH follow a policy of "no photos, no interviews, no web site, no gigs". In DRUDKH's opinion, the music of the band tells everything. The band's silence isn't disrespectful for the listener, it just follows the idea that the musicians should prove their talent with their music, lyrics and design only. They accept their activity as a pure form of art, so the band members just don't want to use cheap (in their opinion) tricks like popularization of the band's name.

However, in agreement with the band, Season of Mist recently created a DRUDKHMySpace page which, though run by the label, is 100% official. Please note this is the only DRUDKH Internet page to be approved by the band.

In other news, the mail-order exclusive box set of DRUDKH's upcoming album "Microcosmos" (due in Europe on June 22 and in the U.S. on July 14),strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide, is now available for pre-order via Season of Mist's e-shop.

Here is the content of this exclusive solid wood box (30 x 26 x 4 cm) in premium dark finish with raised sliding cover and cut-out DRUDKH logo on top:

* Digipak version of the upcoming "Microcosmos" album
* CD reissue of the long-sold-out "Anti-Urban" 10" EP originally limited to 999 copies
* Limited "Microcosmos" t-shirt
* Special DVD format additional booklet

Except for the "Microcosmos" digipak, none of the goodies included in this box will be available anywhere else.

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