EDDIE TRUNK Says There Were 'Serious Chemistry Issues' Between ANTHRAX And DAN NELSON

July 21, 2009

Eddie Trunk (pictured below),co-host of the VH1 Classic television program "That Metal Show" who has a long-running radio show, "Friday Night Rocks", on New York's Q104.3 FM, has posted the following commentary on his official blog:

"Just official, and no surprise, Dan Nelson out of ANTHRAX. This is really not a huge surprise to anyone who followed this story the last week.

"It was pretty clear to me at Rocklahoma that there were some serious chemistry issues off stage with the band and their new singer. I had been hearing and sensing rumblings about this the last few months from various sources. The shame of it is that he was a great singer for the band in the one show I saw, but obviously the band decided it was better to end this now before further conflicts come out.

"For band members in any group, there is on-stage and off-stage connection that needs to be reached and clearly there were issues off stage and in other areas from both ends. It's also pretty obvious to any dummy that he was not sick as the press release stated. If he was legit sick, you don't lose your gig. There were issues, and no doubt much more will come out about this story in coming weeks. It's also pretty obvious that whoever ends up with this gig will no doubt re-cut the vocals on the new album. There is no way I can imagine they would have his voice on a CD now that it is over, which is why the album is delayed now.

"Interesting that John Bush is returning for one gig. Bush is the band's best option at this point. The way I see it, things will be felt out with the one gig and if vibes are good, maybe he returns? John said on my show he would not rule out coming back to ANTHRAX at some point and clearly wants to still perform since he was doing ARMORED SAINT gigs. This is by far the best scenario for ANTHRAX and they need him.

"Obviously, I have a long history and friendship with the guys in ANTHRAX and I wish them well dealing with this crazy situation. As for Dan, he was great in the one show I saw and maybe there is a better opportunity for him down the line.

"Like I said, there will no doubt be all kinds of rumor and speculation about what really went down, but it was not working off stage and singer #4 in ANTHRAX is a very brief footnote now in the band's crazy history. But ANTHRAX has dealt with all kinds of stuff and they will no doubt come back strong."

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