EMIGRATE: Self-Titled Debut To Receive North American Release In January

October 11, 2007

EMIGRATE, the side-project of RAMMSTEIN guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe, will release its self-titled debut album in North America on January 28, 2008 via Pilgrim/Motor Music and distributed by ADA. The CD entered the German Media Control chart at position No. 8 upon its European release in late August.

The album's first single, "My World", and its video are available via iTunes. The song features in the film "Resident Evil: Extinction", the final part of the trilogy, which premiered in September. The clip — "My World 'Resident Evil: Extinction' Videomix" — contains a hard-pounding performance by EMIGRATE combined with original film material highlighting Milla Jovowich. Watch the video below.

The video for the album's second single, "New York City", was shot in New York and appears online in preview on the official EMIGRATEwebpage.

In a recent interview with Skiddle, Kruspe stated about his decision to handle the lead vocals himself in EMIGRATE, "It was difficult — really difficult! I so regretted those times at RAMMSTEIN productions that I'd been demanding with Till [Lindemann, RAMMSTEIN frontman]. As a singer, you're just incredibly vulnerable, always trying to catch the moment and the mood. What I came to realize, though, is that the whole thing is really about attitude. It's not to do with whether you have a great voice or not, it's about do you want to say something or just keep your mouth shut?!"

On his move from Berlin to New York, Kruspe said, "I left my comfortable situation, and just started again from zero in New York. When I arrived there, I didn't know anyone, the only people I could hang out with at this time were the friends of my wife, I was pretty much by myself. Looking back, however, it was an important step for me. If I hadn't made the move to New York, there would be no EMIGRATE, full stop; the city is such a big part of the project."

"You wonder how so many different cultures can live together in peace, and the answer is simple; because there's only one religion there — money. I guess it's a sad fact in one respect, but on the other hand, it gives the city an incredible sense of purpose. You find yourself facing challenges every single day."

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