ENTOMBED: Live Video Posted Online

April 12, 2005

A live video of ENTOMBED performing "Retaliation" and "I For An Eye", recorded in Rochester, New York, has been posted online in the "Video" section of the UMTV.info web site. To access the video file directly, click here (Windows Media).

As previously reported, Threeman Recordings has set an April 25 release date for the collection of pre-ENTOMBED recordings under the name NIHILIST.

The album, simply entitled "Nihilist", will feature the following songs in their raw and unshaped form:

01. Sentenced to Death
02. Supposed to Rot
03. Carnal Leftovers
04. Abnormaly Deceased
05. Revel in Flesh
06. Face of Evil
07. Severe Burns
08. When Life Has Ceased
09. Morbid Devourment
10. Radiation Sickness
11. Face of Evil
12. But Life Goes On
13. Shreds of Flesh
14. The Truth Beyond

The album will also feature liner notes from former Metal Maniacs contibutor/current label manager for Century Media Records, Ula Gehret.

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