EPICA Singer Infected With MRSA; Band Cancels Shows

January 10, 2008

Singer Simone Simons of the Dutch symphonic metallers EPICA has issued the following update:

"Since a couple of months I have been struggling with infections and had surgery many times. The doctors didn't know what was wrong with me. After a lot of tests at the hospital they found out that I am infected with MRSA, also known as the hospital bacteria. The treatment of this bacteria comes with a strict hygienic schedule which I have to work through every day. Because of this I will not be able to go on long trips, let alone living in a tour bus. Therefore we are forced to cancel most of our shows in February. The shows on the 22nd and 23rd in Lille and Vosselaar we will still do since they are independent shows and very close by. We cannot plan too far ahead since I first have to get rid of the infection and that will take some time. How long it will take we cannot tell at the moment.

"We are very sorry that we cannot do these shows. We were all looking forward to this tour and to meet you guys. What I have to focus on now is getting well, so that
we will be on the road again as soon as possible. Please check out our site every once in a while for more information on this matter."

According to WebMD, Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA),like all staph bacteria, can be spread from one person to another through casual contact or through contaminated objects. It is commonly spread from the hands of someone who has MRSA. This could be anyone in a health care setting or in the community. MRSA is usually not spread through the air like the common cold or flu virus, unless a person has MRSA pneumonia and is coughing.

On the eve of EPICA's recent live appearances in Greece, Elena Mihailidou and Vasilis Mazaris of Metalzone.gr conducted an interview with Simone Simons. Simone talks about the experience of playing live for the first time ever in Thessaloniki and being part of the first-ever March Metal Day. She also discusses her recent health problems, the band's new album and the group's upcoming touring actvities. She says her favorite EPICA album is the latest one and she describes the difficulties of releasing a DVD after leaving Transmission Records and signing a deal with Nuclear Blast. Simone also talks about how bonded she feels with her band and how she wouldn't leave EPICA in order to join another group, even if it were NIGHTWISH, as the rumor suggested when Tarja Turunen was fired from the band. She also talks about her idols and how she is still evolving as a singer, and she feels female vocals in the metal scene aren't just a passing trend.

Watch the interview below.

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