Estranged AC/DC Drummer PHIL RUDD: Give Me Five Minutes In A Room With ANGUS YOUNG And I'll Get My Job Back

August 10, 2015

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd, who pleaded guilty to charges of threatening to kill and possession of drugs, has told Rolling Stone magazine in a new interview that he wants to make amends and get back with the band. He said: "All I'm looking for is an opportunity to step back up. Once I get back my freedom to travel, I'll hopefully be heading straight back to whatever they're doing. I feel great. Better than I've ever felt before. I'm very keen to get back in the saddle."

Asked point-blank if he's still a member of AC/DC, Rudd responded: "Me and everyone else says that, But that's not what Angus [Young, AC/DC guitarist] says. I don't want to upset Angus by saying the wrong thing. Me and Angus kicked serious ass and he knows if I was there, it would be better. I know he knows that, because I've proven it before. Just give me five minutes in a room with him and I'll get my job back. I promise ya. I was doing hard personally and did some things I probably shouldn't have done. We've all got our cross to bear."

Rudd added that the breakdown of his relationship with his bandmates isn't all that surprising. "With AC/DC, if you've got a problem, you sort it out yourself," he said. "That's how it works. I've got a problem, so I handle it myself. You can't expect the band to come over here, line up, and say, 'This guy's great. When are you gonna go and make a fuckin' ass of yourself again?'"

A member of the group from 1974 to 1983 and again from 1993 until last year, Rudd was replaced in AC/DC's lineup by Chris Slade after he was arrested last November in Tauranga, New Zealand, where he lives.

Rudd was sentenced to eight months of home detention, but was recently arrested again for allegedly violating the terms of his sentence, which also barred him from having or consuming alcohol.

Rudd last week pleaded not guilty to those charges and will return to court on November 24 for a hearing in front of a judge on the possible breach.

Rudd told Rolling Stone that he remains hopeful for a reunion with his bandmates.

"I'm ready to go," he said. "Never been fitter. Never been more passionate. I'm more dangerous than I've ever been. They should get me back there, even if it's just for a weekend to have some jam in some fuckin' small room somewhere in a basement."

AC/DC's 2015 North American tour will kick off on August 22 at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

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