October 12, 2005

Former HALFORD guitarist/DAMAGEPLAN frontman Patrick Lachman has slammed BLABBERMOUTH.NET detractors for criticizing JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford for allegedly losing his voice during the group's October 9 performance in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

In a report submitted to BLABBERMOUTH.NET, a reader calling himself "Fullshred" wrote about PRIEST's Atlantic City concert, "About four songs into their set, Rob Halford came on stage with a mug of some liquid. While he was sipping away, he explained to the audience that he was suffering from a case of influenza. By the song 'Breaking the Law', he was looking for some breathing room for his voicebox. By the time he got to 'Screaming for Vengeance' he had pretty much lost his voice and it became an 'audience participation' rendition, waving the crowd on to sing for him. It was very obvious that he was struggling for most of the night to get the lyrics out and couldn't wait for the show to be over."

Responding to the above article in a posting on the official message board of his new band, THE MERCY CLINIC, Lachman wrote, "Big fucking deal! It can happen to anyone. [Rob] could have cancelled and chose to push on for the fans' sake. People just want to kick you when you're down. They don't bother to report every time he has a great show and the fact that he's been setting the benchmark for 30 fucking years! It's not news, just an opportunity for mindless little idiots to post fag jokes on a thread that shouldn't be there in the first place. Most of the twats that sit there and compete 24/7 for 'first post!' don't even realize they are gayer than Rob. Fuck the haters. The Metal God rules all. Period. End of rant."

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