Ex-FORBIDDEN Guitarist: We Have The Illusion Of Freedom Of Choice In This Country

January 8, 2005

Former FORBIDDEN/MANMADEGOD and current SPIRALARMS guitarist Craig Locicero has posted the following message on the SPIRALARMS web site:

"As I am sitting here typing this with my son on my lap, I can't help but having mixed emotions about the direction of this New Year. Not musically mind you, but with world in general. I might not be able to articulate exactly what it is I'm feeling, but I must get it out there anyway.

"Sandwiched in between the biggest puppet of all time getting an 'attaboy from the ignorant 1/2 of 1/2 of our great country and it's 'Pipeline For Freedom war' and the utter catastrophe in the Indian Ocean, we have an entertainment icon in our genre get assassinated all too easily for all of us who admired him to witness it.

"This, as some people would say, is the same as it's always been. I just disagree. The stakes are higher, the rest of the world is staring us down waiting for the next big screw-up and our 'fuck off' policies to be implemented. All of this while our young men and women are being sent over to fight for OIL?!? (I certainly don't want to alienate our volunteers with ignorance, so let's just say I know you are the innocent doing the job that's given to you. We hope you'll all come back home safe and soon.)

"I think were I am going with this is that even though I am just a musician and an entertainer, I feel far to much to just sit back and watch it all go down without a fight. Just putting it out there is very difficult to do because it can be misunderstood on so many levels. Oh well. I can't care about that. I now have a son you see, and I shouldn't have had to wait so long to say this, but I did.

"Hold onto what you love very tightly, people, there are no guarantees in this material world but random chaos. We are extremely lucky to have the illusion of freedom of choice in this country, enjoy it while it lasts! It is a beautiful dream to follow.

"In the meantime, SPIRALARMS will continue to be entertainers and play music that comes from our souls that are feeling these things, and I promise I will stay out of politics!!! I just had to vent, forgive me.

"As sincere as I can be, Craig"

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