March 19, 2008

WARDRUNA, the project led by former GORGOROTH drummer Kvitrafn (who has also played with SIGFADER, JOTUNSPOR and DEAD TO THIS WORLD),has launched a new web site featuring three new songs: "r var alda", "Bjarkan" and "Thurs II". The songs have also been posted to the project's MySpace page.

According to a post on the band's web site, these songs are actually raw mixes and "the upcoming full-length album, "gap var Ginnunga", is still in the works and has been somewhat delayed in the absence of proper studio facilities during the last year. "This is now in order and the pace has picked up, so we hope to complete the album within this following summer."

The project's official bio also reveals that the charismatic singer (and Kvitrafn's former bandmate) Gaahl (of GORGOROTH, TRELLDOM, SIGFADER) is participating in the project with "conceptual contributions and some additional vocals."

Music by WARDRUNA was extensively used in last year's five-part documentary about Gaahl, entitled "True Norwegian Black Metal", which was produced by famous black metal photographer Peter Beste.

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