Ex-MACHINE HEAD Guitarist Teams Up With COAL CHAMBER Bassist In New Project

July 16, 2002

Former MACHINE HEAD guitarist Ahrue Luster has teamed up with current COAL CHAMBER bassist Nadja Peulen in a brand new Los Angeles-based project, BLABBERMOUTH.NET can exclusively reveal.

While no official word has yet come down on the matter, it is also believed that Luster has held discussions with ex-GODSMACK sticksman Tommy Stewart about possibly joining the new band, whose musical direction was described by Ahrue as "more melodic" than MH, but still "explosive" and "definitely guitar-driven". It is unclear, however, if Stewart has accepted the offer or if Luster and Peulen are actively continuing their drummer search beyond the "close to 50" candidates that the guitarist told BLABBERMOUTH.NET he has thus far spoken to and/or auditioned for the group. The pair are also on the lookout for a suitable vocalist, a process which Luster stated "we're gonna be super-picky [about], since the singer is what people can hear first and can relate to. So we're not even in a rush to find a singer, because we wanna find the right singer."

All vocalists interested in auditioning for the as-yet-unnamed band can send CDs and photos to the following address (note small change since last address was posted here):

1300 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Box 365
Hollywood, CA

Alternatively, you can drop Ahrue an e-mail and include a link to an MP3 download site and a digital picture by writing to: [email protected] (a preferred method of auditioning, according to Luster).

As previously reported, Ahrue left MACHINE HEAD in May due to creative differences after the axeman's efforts to take the band in a more melodic direction were met with resistance by the group's mainman Robert Flynn. MACHINE HEAD have since announced plans to carry on temporarily as a three-piece while they complete the songwriting sessions for their next studio album, due in late 2003.

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