Ex-MEGADETH Guitarist MARTY FRIEDMAN Praises COVID-19 Frontline Workers: 'Those People Are Superheroes'

April 20, 2020

Marty Friedman has urged his fans to do their part in keeping everybody healthy while they are at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The former MEGADETH guitarist discussed how he is dealing with the coronavirus quarantine measures during an Instagram Live chat on Friday (April 17).

Marty said (see video below): "Everybody is going through the same thing in very, very different extents. The vast majority of us are stuck inside and are gonna have a lot of consequences having to do with our work, having to do with the way we make money and pay for things, and a lot of uncertainty and a lot of life adjustments. That's most of us. But there are some people out there — and, actually, it's a lot of people — who are in much, much, much worse situations. They are in the hospital dying and they can't see their loved ones. That's just unbelievable. And they have to not only die, but die suffering in front of a bunch of people with rocketship suits on and stuff like that. It's just really a horrible thing. These people are suffering so badly and dying. That's the worst thing. And nearly as bad as that are the people — the doctors, the nurses and the hospital staff, and everybody who is trying to help these people. I can't imagine what they have to see on a daily basis, how they keep their heads up and how they keep from breaking down. Because it's just gotta be so hard to look at. And I know they're trying their best to help these people, and there's only so much they can do and they're doing everything they can. Those are, like, super superheroes that, when we come out of this whole thing, those people and the people working in groceries and food and delivering things and all the people who are really still working now, those people are superheroes."

He continued: "The thing the rest of us can do is we can lessen the burdens of those people and the hospital staff and things like that — the doctors, the nurses and all. We can lessen the burdens of everybody. It's a big sacrifice on our parts. But at least at the end of the day, you know that if you just stay in and don't go out and don't do anything that risks you getting sick, not only does it keep you from getting sick yourself, it also lessens the burden of these people who are in the hospitals every day and all the other people out there. So, if nothing else, just please stay in and think about those people. Of course, it sucks — it really sucks — and people are gonna really lose a ton of things that they're used to having, and there's a lot of adjustments that are gonna have to happen in the next couple of months and maybe years. But this is one situation where everybody can help people — everybody can help by just staying in and not spreading things and not catching anything yourself.

"Sometimes you feel completely hopeless, but at least what you did by staying in and not spreading anything and not catching anything, what you did was you lightened the burden for the people who are really dealing with this stuff — like the doctors and the hospital staff and nurses and all those people," he added. "And thank god for the people in the grocery stores and all those people."

Friedman has spent most of the last year and a half touring in support of his 14th solo record, "One Bad M.F. Live!!", which was released in October 2018. The album was recorded in Mexico City on April 14, 2018 during the final concert of Friedman's world tour in support of his acclaimed 2017 studio album "Wall Of Sound".

Joining Friedman on "One Bad M.F. Live!!" are his bandmates Kiyoshi on bass, Jordan Ziff (RATT) on guitar and Chargeeee on drums.

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