Ex-PANTERA Bassist REX BROWN: 'We Must All Band Together In The Coming Days And Weeks'

March 20, 2020

Former PANTERA bassist Rex Brown has urged people to "get in touch with 'lost' friends, buddies and loves" while they are at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As of Friday (March 20),more than one-quarter of Americans are being ordered to stay home as much as possible in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus. The governors of New York, Illinois and Connecticut joined California and Pennsylvania in shutting down most businesses.

Earlier today, Rex posted the following message on his social media: "Hello All.. It's been awhile since I last posted!?! had to take a break from it, but feel the need to encourage folks to be extremely cautious & Safe in these crazy ass days ahead of us!! There's not a lot of communication coming from this Administration & therefore we must ALL band together in the coming days & weeks...Stay inside if possible & now is the time to get in touch with 'lost' friends, buddies & loves!! I wish you all a healthy, brighter tomorrow!! smoke on..Much Love!!"

Authorities have repeatedly urged people to stay home and avoid crowding bars, restaurants, and public spaces in a bid to contain the coronavirus. They have since stepped up calls for Americans to move beyond hand washing and isolate themselves as much as possible because coronavirus's resulting respiratory disease (COVID-19) is believed to be 10 times more lethal than the flu.

Experts have called on everyone to practice social distancing because some people may have been infected but are showing minimal symptoms or may think they have a common cold or allergies. In addition, the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) has asked people to avoid discretionary travel so that we can slow the spread of the virus — a concept known as flattening the curve.

Hello All.. It’s been awhile since I last posted!?! had to take a break from it, but feel the need to encourage folks to...

Posted by Rex Brown on Friday, March 20, 2020

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