EXODUS Guitarist Apologizes For 'Personal Attack' Against Former Singer

September 13, 2004

EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt has apologized for his "personal" attack against the group's former singer, Steve "Zetro" Souza, over the circumstances that led to Zetro's departure from the group. Writing to the band's official message board, Holt said, "I would just like to take a moment to apologize to all on this board for, as one already said, taking the low road here. While I stand by everything I said as the gospel truth I would also like to apologize for my personal attacks on Steve Souza. We have many of the same personal close friends and it's not fair of me to have maybe dragged them into the middle of this and as I am very fond of his family I regret possibly putting them in the middle of this as well. I am still VERY angry over this whole mess but I could have handled it in a more profesional manner.

"I do not think Steve will be easy to replace but it has to be done. A band cannot continue when you have a cancer in its midst.

"I spent much time trying to make Zetro happy, on the road and off, but to no avail. And then he bails out on us about 26 hours before leaving for a sold-out show in Mexico City, with no call to me to even try to explain himself. And this is after a lot of bullshit the last couple of years.

"I could have been more graceful with my statment, but he could have left this band a lot more gracefully as well. It's a damn shame really, because I thought that we'd be able to work through all the other shit (which I had been giving a hall of fame efort to do so) but it just aint gonna' happen.

"I'm sorry to all the fans who were so stoked about 'Tempo', but I promise you all, the new album (which I'm already writing ) is going to crush. Nothing seems to get me motivated like anger these days, so you just have to trust me on this one."

In a separate posting, Holt elaborated on the reasons for his earlier outburst against his former bandmate:

"Sometimes you say things out of anger and after a while you calm down and think things through a little.

"Was Zetro killer? Of course he was (is). Could we continue with the way things were going. No way. I'll admit at times I feel like just starting over, but this band has been my life for my entire adult life. It's all I know.

"Zetro has family but so do I and this is way I'm best suited to take care of them. He has a really good job and I know he worries about his and his own. I do too. It should not have come to this though. All he had to do was a few more shows and call it a day. Hell, if you are honest about your intentions, say that this is your last trip and you have to pack it up, why not go out with a bang and have a great time? Then we all hug and say fare thee well. But to be abandoned with out so much as a phone call is kind of hard to take. It feels like totally being betrayed. Hence the angry outburst.

"I don't hate Steve. He's been one of my brothers, a comrade in arms for a long time. But it will take a long time to completely forgive him. But I do wish him happiness. He just could not find it here anymore."

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