FILTER Collaborators Talk About The Band's New Album

May 6, 2004

Legendary JANE'S ADDICTION bassist Eric Avery, FAILURE mastermind Ken Andrews and FILTER's Frank Cavanaugh recently answered a few questions for FILTER's official web site about their work on the new FILTER album, tentatively due later in the year:

Q: What does the new FILTER album sound like?

Ken: "It sounds really good. Rich [Patrick]'s voice is in top form right now and he's really coming up with some great vocals."

Frank: "It's kind of like RADIOHEAD meets SOUNDGARDEN."

Q: How does it differ from previous albums?

Ken: "It's hard to say at this point because it's not quite finished yet, but I would say it’s leaning a bit on the heavier side of things. Lots of energy."

Eric: "I only heard a couple of songs, but his approach to the whole thing is much more like his first record in spirit."

Q: What is your role in the new project?

Ken: "So far, I've been writing guitar parts and structuring them into songs for Rich to sing over. I've played some bass as well."

Frank: "I showed him some of the material I had been working on and it felt like old times... within about 20 minutes, one of the songs was done, which was really cool. It felt great to be working with Rich again."

Eric: "So far, it has been to lay down a bass foundation for Rich to build on. Aside from that, we will have to see. I’m happy to help him out in any way I can so... I guess we will have to see what the future brings."

Q: What is it like working with Richard Patrick?

Ken: "Really fun. I'm a huge FILTER fan, so getting to work on this music is just a blast and Rich is just a great instinctive musician. He guides the sessions and keeps the focus on the emotion of the track."

Eric: "Rich is great. I hadn’t seen him since the first Lollapalooza, so I wasn't sure what to expect (this biz can do evil things to a person),but he was great. Authentic is a word I like to use to describe people I admire and he was that — authentic."

Q: What can fans expect?

Eric: "I only heard a couple of songs but what I did hear was lush, heavy and dark. All that you would want from rock and roll, in my opinion."

Frank: "It's old FILTER, essentially. When Rich did the first record, he was 24 or 25 and it was piss and vinegar, balls out rock and roll and that's what I think it's gone back to. There's a lot of honesty in the music now that comes through and I think people will dig that for sure."

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