Finnish Death Overlords KRYPTS To Unleash 'Unending Degradation'

January 29, 2013

Easily one of the most anticipated Finnish death metal releases in recent memory, "Unending Degradation" from Helsinki's KRYPTS is due on February 19 via Dark Descent Records, with the vinyl version coming from Me Saco Un Ojo.

Festering in the underground since their inception in 2008, KRYPTS is prepared to unleash its debut full-length. While the trademark KRYPTS' sounds from the 2009 demo and 2011 EP are there (lumbering low-end, bone-crunching riffs and toxic vocals),"Unending Degradation" showcases a band which has honed their craft and is ready to deliver one of 2013's must-have death metal releases.

The song "Open the Crypt" is available for streaming below. Also available a video preview of "Beneath The Archaic".

01. Introeon: Perpetual Beyond
02. Blessed Entwinement
03. Open the Crypt
04. Dormancy of the Ancients
05. Inhale...
06. The Black Smoke
07. Day of Reckoning
08. Beneath the Archaic


Otso Ukkonen - Drums
Ville Snicker - Guitar
Antti Kotiranta - Bass/Vocals

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