FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Vocalist on Songwriting Process, PAUL GRAY's Passing

May 29, 2010 editor Rick Florino recently conducted an interview with singer Ivan Moody of Los Angeles metallers FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Did you feel a real sense of freedom making "War Is the Answer"?

Moody: I did! Especially adding Jason Hook [guitar] to the mix and having Kevin Churko producing, it's such a proud piece. You work your whole life for something like this. I won't lie to you; I listen to it myself. [Laughs] I still will throw it on at the end of the night and I'm really floored with what we came up with. Are you already writing for record number 3?

Moody: Zoltan [Bathory, guitar] and Jason are constantly writing. They come up with ideas just about every other day. Myself, I usually wait until I get home to write. While we're touring, I try to stay as focused as possible on the moment at hand because I feel like I'll be robbing the fans if I don't. I want to give them what they came out and paid for. It's easier for me to dig in with both hands when I'm at home and nobody else is around. Plus, there's a certain amount of emotion I like to put into it, and it's really hard to do that when you're surrounded by people and the day-to-day crap of being on the road. Do you tend to read a lot?

Moody: You know what? I used to. I really haven't had the chance in close to about a year. I can't remember the last time I picked up a good book besides the books I read to my daughter when I'm at home. [Laughs] I've always been into creative writing. Growing up as a kid, I took creative writing classes, and I was always into poetry. It's a special thing to be able to place words not only where people can understand them, but to open the imagination. There are certain key lines and phrases that can unlock emotions in people, so you want to make sure you have those in there. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH needs to do an EP a la [ALICE IN CHAINS'] "Sap" or "Jar of Flies". If any modern metal band could pull it off, it's you guys.

Moody: It's funny you bring that up because "Jar of Flies" is one of my all-time favorite CDs. We've actually talked about that — maybe not going so much "acoustic" on it but definitely going for more of a soft aura than anything — trying to be, I don't want to say "creepy," but definitely digging a little more than just doing metal. We actually have discussed it. Any Paul Gray memories you can share?

Moody: I truly love the SLIPKNOT guys. We've known them for a long time. I met Corey Taylor way back when he was still in Colorado. I've got to tell you, man. They're just a great group of individuals. The trials they've been through and as far as they've come throughout the years — I wish them nothing but the best. For me and my entire band, I can say that we send best wishes to them and we're really sympathetic about Paul.

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