Former ANNIHILATOR Bassist Launches Web Site, Explains His Departure

May 25, 2004

Former ANNIHILATOR bassist Russ Bergquist has launched his official web site at this location. In an introductory message posted on the site, Bergquist addresses his reasons for leaving ANNIHILATOR. "The situation for me and my position in ANNIHILATOR were not beneficial for myself any longer, plain and simple," he writes. "[ANNIHILATOR mainman] Jeff [Waters] gave me an opportunity with ANNIHILATOR in 1999 and I enjoyed all the time I spent with he and his band of annihilating matadors. I got a lot out of it but it came to a point where I wanted to concentrate on myself and what I want to do and ANNIHILATOR did not fulfill that. So, I left. If you are looking for dirt or bad blood, I have none for you. It was a great situation for me but it was time to move on.

"So here I am.

"Currently, I am writing songs of my own with the objective of releasing my own material. That is my ultimate goal. As far as the music is concerned, I am not going after one style. As I am writing on guitar and bass, I find that a lot of different influences are coming out of me. Some of the music is definitely heavy and then some of it is hard rock to prog rock. To mellow.

"I am not putting any boundaries up as I want everything to flow out of me as it is and then I will decide what I want to release ...if anyone will release it!!! I have 9 songs with all the music written and about half of the vocal melodies. It will take some time but it will happen. I will keep you posted. I have already picked my drummer which of course is Ryan Van Pooderoyen [THE DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND]... he rules.

"I am also going to do the bass tracks for Vivien Lalu's solo album 'Oniric Metal'. Vivien is a very talented French Freak and I look very forward to doing this project. I am learning the material right now. More details to come but you can view Vivien's website at

"I have also just finished a four-week fill-in gig with a band called ESCAPE. They asked me to fill in and threw a setlist of more than 40 eighties cover tunes at me! Hilarious! A blast from the past. Gigs like that are good to keep you on your toes. Plus, they are all great players."

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