Former ANTHRAX Singer DAN NELSON's WOLFPACK BLACK Performs At 'United Ink No Limits Tattoo Expo' (Video)

May 1, 2018

Video footage of WOLFPACK BLACK, the new band featuring former ANTHRAX singer Dan Nelson, performing the song "Low" on April 21 at the United Ink No Limits Tattoo Expo in New York City can be seen below.

Joining Nelson in WOLFPACK BLACK's current lineup are bassist Pat Foote (STEEL REIGN) and drummer Dan Mintzer (PULL, BREAKAGE RISING). The group's sound is described as "metal through and through" with songs that are "both brutal and catchy."

Nelson in 2012 settled a lawsuit he filed against ANTHRAX over the fallout from his departure from the veteran metal group. Details of the settlement were not made public.

The singer filed a lawsuit in November 2011 claiming that Charlie Benante (drums),Frank Bello (bass) and Scott Ian (guitar) falsely stated in "numerous interviews" that he had "abruptly resigned" after getting sick, forcing a cancelation of a tour. The $2.65-million suit also alleged that Benante told BLABBERMOUTH.NET that Nelson "was a bully."

The Long Island native said his ex-bandmates' "intentional defamation" caused him a loss of income and damaged his reputation.

Before reaching the deal, ANTHRAX attorney Brian Caplan told the judge that Nelson had been offered a "fairly small dollar amount" and co-authorship of eleven ANTHRAX songs that the band recorded for "Worship Music", according to the New York Daily News.

Dan told "The Jim Chinnici Show" that he isn't disappointed by the fact that his stint with ANTHRAX didn't last longer. "Hey, listen, I look at it like this: everything that's happened to me, good or bad, led me to where I am now," he explained. "I've got these guys" — referring to his bandmates in WOLFPACK BLACK — "which is the best thing that could have happened to me musically and friendship-wise. I've got the best little boy in the world as a son — my son Benjamin — and you couldn't ask for a more killer wife than my wife. So everything is all good."

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