Former CANDLEMASS Singer MESSIAH MARCOLIN Joins STILLBORN On Stage In Stockholm (Video)

January 15, 2018

Former CANDLEMASS singer Messiah Marcolin joined fellow Swedish doom metal legends STILLBORN on stage on January 12 at Debaser Strand in Stockholm, Sweden to perform the song "Calvaria 1939".

STILLBORN has been described by its record label, Black Lodge Records, as "probably the first gothic metal band in history. Although they have little to do with today's genres, they were ahead of time by the end of the '80s." Their first album is a cult classic, a masterpiece for horror fans, record collectors and fans who like doom, goth and other alternative subgenres.

Bands like ENTOMBED, PARADISE LOST and MEDICINE RAIN have released cover versions of STILLBORN songs.

STILLBORN drummer Peter Asp is also a member of the highly popular Swedish metal band BOMBUS. He is also former member of the acclaimed Swedish outfit MARY BEATS JANE.

During 2016 and 2017, STILLBORN's original members got together and recorded 10 new songs in the spirit of their debut, "Necrospirituals". The songs were recorded and mixed at studio Juicy Halftone in Copenhagen by Henrik Stendahl.

On its new album, "Nocturnals", which came out last October, STILLBORN has refined its sound and style even more but old fans will still recognize the band's original essence. The lyrics are still sinister and eerie with a subtle twist. The music is loud, sturdy, dark and heavy as a monolithic stone.


Ingemar Scott Henning - Guitar
Kari Hokkanen - Vocals & Bass
Peter Asp - Drums
Erik Sandquist - Guitar

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