July 13, 2012

Rock guitarist Ron Marks, former guitarist for the legendary Swiss metal group CELTIC FROST and founder of SUBSONIC, has signed a distribution and development deal with DSN Music. Marks will make three previously released SUBSONIC albums — "Super-Vel", "No Such Soul" and "Blood Groove" — available on a compilation box set titled "Trifecta".

"This is certainly not my first rodeo," said Marks, "but it is my pleasure to sign with a company as professional and modern as DSN. The high level of respect and attention to details that they devote to their artists has all but vanished within the music industry."

Marks performed as lead guitarist for CELTIC FROST in 1987, and toured the U.K. and U.S. with the group in support of the "Into The Pandemonium" release. He is also credited as a co-writer on CELTIC FROST's 1990 album "Vanity/Nemesis". After his stint with CELTIC FROST, Marks decided to move on and fufill a lifelong dream to create his own project.

In 2000, Marks founded and launched the SUBSONIC, which spawned six albums: "Super-Vel", "No Such Soul", "Blood Groove", "Honeycomb", "Mach Ten" and "Hell's Half". Three music videos ("Dream American", "A Day Late" and "Fix") were released as well. SUBSONIC explores irreverent social visions and affirms how satire eclipses doctrine.

"When SUBSONIC and DSN joined forces, I thought, 'Why release only one album? Why not a box set of three?'" stated Marks. "They agreed and 'Trifecta' is the result. This release catalogs 'Super-Vel', 'No Such Soul', 'Blood Groove' and the evolution of SUBSONIC to that point. An evolution that continues forward."

Marks has received high honors in the rock industry over several decades, and is endorsed by major music brands such as Dean guitars, Marshall amps, S.I.T. strings and Steve Clayton products.

"Trifecta" is scheduled for a worldwide release via DSN Music this fall, and will be available via online and mobile stores such as, iTunes,, Google Music, Spotify,, iHeartRadio and hundreds more.

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