Former GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist BUMBLEFOOT Launches 'Bumblefoot Rock Project'

December 23, 2015

Former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal has announced the grand opening of Bumblefoot Rock Project — an all-ages, all-levels music school in the United Kingdom focusing on musicianship, songwriting, recording, music videos and live performance.

Says Thal: "Our mission is to provide a safe, fun environment for youngsters to develop musical abilities. We encourage children to write, record and perform live their own music."

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Thal revealed earlier in the year that he was focusing on his solo career after spending eight years playing in the current version of GUNS. Thal, however, stopped short of saying that he was no longer a member of GUNS, which has caused some fans to criticize him for not coming clean about where he stands with the group.

Asked to clarify his status with the band, Thal said: "That is the thing I am not to elaborate on. I think there's enough clues out there for you to figure out what I'm up to now."

Thal joined GUNS N' ROSES in early 2006 as the replacement for Buckethead.

Thal expressed frustration in 2013 with the lack of new music from GUNS, saying, "If something came out at this point, it would be very old material that is just being released now… We need to make an album of this band right now." The last new GUNS N' ROSES album, "Chinese Democracy", came out in 2008.

Photo credit: Catherine Asanov

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