October 17, 2016

Jizzy Pearl (LOVE/HATE, RATT, L.A. GUNS, QUIET RIOT) has signed a worldwide deal with Frontiers Music Srl for the release a brand new full-length album.

Pearl has been a fixture on the world-famous rock scene of the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles since his band LOVE/HATE released its debut album, "Blackout In The Red Room", in 1990. Since then, Jizzy has played, recorded and toured with platinum artists like RATT, L.A. GUNS and QUIET RIOT. He will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the second LOVE/HATE record, "Wasted In America", in 2017 by playing the record in full on a U.K. tour.

In a 2015 interview with Uber Rock, Pearl looked back on the time in the late 1980s when he thought his future was secured. "Of course, I thought we were all going to be rich [after signing with Columbia]," he said. "But everyone who gets a record deal believes that; everyone thinks they're destined. In retrospect, I have found the true meaning of success is being able to work for 25 years doing what I love."

In a separate interview with Myglobalmind, Pearl spoke about the importance of staying in shape while touring the world. He said: "I basically look the same as I did twenty years ago except I've got more tattoos. For me, it's a constant war with advancing old age, you know what I mean? Once you start letting yourself go, it's just a cumulative effect. I still run every day, still rehearse every day and I try to keep my shit together. It's all you have at the end of the day — your chops — and I think a lot of guys have let themselves go and that's up to them; that's what they want to do. But for me personally, I don't know, those YouTubes, I want my YouTubes to look sparkling."

Pearl also talked about the expectations fans have when it comes to seeing their favorite musicians from the '80s and '90s perform live. He said: "Well, they want you to look the same and in addition they want you to sound the same. That's where it gets more dicey, where you have to hit those notes that you hit 25 years ago. Let's face it, I mean, Brian Johnson [AC/DC], bless his heart, he's in his 60s and the enormous amount of work that it takes to have to sing 'Shoot To Thrill' or 'Back In Black', it's brutal, so it's something the fans expect and it's something they want and it's something I feel they deserve. They are paying their good money, and they want to hear the record the way they remember it, and that's very important."

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