January 3, 2018

PERFECT STRANGERS, the DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW tribute band featuring former METAL CHURCH and TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA vocalist Ronny Munroe, has inked a deal with the newly launched RFL Records. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and founded by Jon Marchewka, RFL was established in July 2016, and created under a parent company, Rock In The Fastlane. The label's other first signings include SILK9, BLACK KNOTS and HYDROGYN.

"We saw so many artists that have greatness in them that were not being heard, so we decided to use our platform to get them heard," explains Marchewka. "I am extremely passionate about music and saw a huge need for the 'people' aspect to be brought into the business. RFL Records and our artists are not two separate entities, but a family of artist and label.

"I never promise any artist mega success or unrealistic stardom," he continues. "I don't believe in false promises — I believe that if an artist can just be an artist, write great music and work hard, then a record label can power that music to the ears of the listeners with that same effort. It's easy for me because I am first and foremost a fan. RFL is my legacy, and our bands are my passion."

And so far, RFL Records' signees have massive praise for Marchewka and his label. "RFL comes from the heart," says HYDROGYN's Jeff Westlake. "The label and Jon's goal is to bring back the passion for great music inside his chosen genre. It's about developing and growing artists for the masses, and Jon is driven to do just that, which is why I support and back him in his goals."

SILK9's Anthony Leone voices similar praise: "When I decided to shop labels and met with Jon Marchewka at RFL Records, it didn't take me long to realize that this was where I needed to be. I wanted the professionalism and support of someone that wanted us to succeed. When Jon tells you he is going to get something done, he keeps his word. Even though the days of handshakes are over, I fully trust Jon with all the decisions that make SiLK9 the best it can be."

Duke Jackson of PERFECT STRANGERS adds: "It was a no-brainer when researching record labels for our new tribute project — Jon Marchewka and RFL Records was the only choice for us! RFL Records is an artist-friendly record company and works closely with all of the artists to ensure great quality product!"

And Munroe is proud to be a part of the label. "I met Jon from RFL Records through Duke Jackson, and after talking with Jon, I found him to be a breath of fresh air in this crazy business of music," he says. "He is upfront and honest, and definitely cares about the artists on his roster. I have a good feeling about our endeavor together and what he is going to do for and with PERFECT STRANGERS. All of us in the band are very excited for the future with Jon and RFL Records."

RFL Records is also looking for strong hard rock and metal acts to build the lineup. If you believe that your band's got what it takes, send a link to your music, social media sites, band pages and any information that tells the label about your band directly to Marchewka via [email protected]

"Our goal is to give our artists the opportunity to be a part of something and to get their music heard," says Marchewka. "RFL is a family built on a passion for hard rock/metal music and backed by a production staff, with a Billboard-charting producer and musician, plus years of promotional experience on the local and national level."

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