October 1, 2004

According to The NIN Hotline, MARILYN MANSON confirmed in an interview on the radio station DC101 that former NINE INCH NAILS drummer Chris Vrenna will be playing on MANSON's upcoming "Against All Gods" tour.

As previously reported, MARILYN MANSON drummer Ginger Fish was injured when he fell from a raised stage while performing at the VIVA Comet awards last Friday (Sept. 24). He suffered injuries including a fractured arm and a broken nose. His recovery is expected to take several weeks.

In other news, MANSON recently responded to recent comments about him made by NINE INCH NAILS mainman Trent Reznor on the NIN web site, Asked by Rolling Stone magazine what musician has been the biggest asshole toward him, Manson replied, "If I were the kind of person to be insulted by petty things, I would be insulted by the way Trent Reznor has acted since I moved from Nothing Records [Reznor's label] on to Interscope." Pressed to elaborate on what happened between him and Reznor since they kissed and made up a few years ago at Madison Square Garden, Manson said, "Since then, he's made remarks that I don't care to respond to. And as long as I'm paying his bills, he should be respectful of me."

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