Former NIRVANA Bassist To Embark On Book-Signing Tour

August 23, 2004

Former NIRVANA bassist Krist Novoselic will embark on a book-signing book to promote his personal and political memoir, "Of Grunge And Government, Let's Fix This Broken Democracy!" In his first book, Novoselic tells his the story of his own musical, and political coming-of-age. From his relationship to Kurt Cobain to his evolution as a political activist, Novoselic's passion, intelligence, and integrity come shining through in this moving and inspirational book. Joining Krist on the book-signng tour will be Mark Andersen, author of "All the Power - Revolution Without Illusion".

Here are the dates for the book signing tour:

Virgin Megastore Sacramento: Sep. 20 @ 7pm
Virgin Megastore San Francisco: Sep. 22 @ 6:30pm
Virgin Megastore Sunset: Sep. 23 @ 6pm
Virgin Megastore Orange: Sep. 24 @ 6pm
Virgin Megastore Las Vegas: Sep. 25 @ 6pm
Virgin Megastore Phoenix: Sep. 26 @ 4pm
Virgin Megastore Salt Lake City: Sep. 28 @ 6pm
Virgin Megastore Denver: Sep. 29 @ 6pm
Virgin Megastore Chicago: Oct. 09 2 4pm

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